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Endymed's Intensif is an advanced radio frequency treatment therapy featuring an array of micro diameter needles that are used to safely and effectively deliver focused energy deep into the dermis, providing a revolutionary collagen remodeling solution with moderate discomfort and downtime.
Endymed's Intensif hand piece works by delivering short pulses of radio Frequency energy through an array of 25 sterilized, gold plated micro-needles (300 microns thin).
The radio frequency energy heats the papillary and reticula dermis, stimulating a natural skin improvement process that tightens the skin.
Treatment with the Intensif triggers the skin's natural healing process, rejuvenating and refreshing the skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles, acne and traumatic scar's in all skin types.
The benefit's are long lasting and your skin will continue to improve up to a year' after the last treatment session.

Intensif's gold plated needles require less passes per treatment for shorter treatment times and greater patient comfort.
High precision needle depth control provides the most effective treatment strength suitable to the particular treatment area.

Quick treatment recovery times faster than any other device on the market. Intensif offers complete treatments with no bleeding or bruising.