RF Skin Tightening

Endymed Pro

3Deep Skin Tightening

Endymed Pro

3Deep Radio Frequency

ENDYMED’s focused RF treatments offer the best solution for the most sought-after aesthetic treatments:
Facial rejuvenation
Eye lifting & tightening
Wrinkle reduction
Skin tightening
V-Shape tightening of the jawline/jowls
under the chin
Neck tightening
Cellulite reduction
Body tightening and contouring
Circumference reduction
Arm tightening and skin sagging reduction

EndyMed’s 3DEEP treatments use multiple RF generators that deliver deep and focused RF energy into the dermis, stimulating the production of new and strong collagen and elastin fibers, which results in tighter, smoother skin.
3DEEP ensures that the RF energy is delivered into the dermis without affecting the epidermis, eliminating the risk of skin damage and the need to cool the skin.

Most RF treatment options available today are based on older, traditional radio frequency technologies.
ENDYMED’s innovative 3DEEP technology is the only technology that uses 6 RF generators that work together to push the energy deep into the dermis, where collagen is produced, for the most effective collagen remodeling, body contouring and tightening.